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Consumer Complaint report is a site where consumers can talk about their annoying experiences with products and services. This is for the primary assistance of future consumers who can then learn from the experience of others and make an informed decision. This way, errant companies selling dubious quality goods, are checked.

The site is an ideal platform for those consumers were unfortunate to get cheated by companies who didn’t deliver on their promises. Consumer complaint report helps consumers make better informed purchase decisions, get better service from manufacturers and service providers and also help businesses provide better service to consumers.

We allow you to post your complaints which can be viewed by other visitors on the site. This helps others avoid the same problem and alerts them to the activities and unethical practices followed by such companies and service providers. Moreover, using the platform you can also gain leverage against the company and solve your dispute amicably.

We can help you learn from other complaints, read real experiences of duped consumers, share your own good or bad experiences in the consumer industry and also check out the customer services of many companies. By using our services you can help yourself and others in many ways. You can:

- Conduct research on consumer products and services.

- Get information about products that you intend to use before you actually buy them.

- Send your complaint to companies.

- Help others avoid the same situation.

- Help others make better informed purchase decisions.

- Increase awareness among users by exposing the perpetuators of scams.

Consumer complaint report is a powerful and informative source for consumers to publicize the unscrupulous acts of some business houses. For the postings to be allowed on our site it is important that they be authentic and verifiable. We help consumers as well as businesses serve each other better and improve market ethics.

Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Company |Osbornes Property Solicitors

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New Thai Dating Site Launched – – Already Dominating Thailand Dating Sites

Phuket, Thailand (PRWEB) October 02, 2013

Does Thailand need another Online Dating Site? The answer is a resounding “Yes”, if you have seen the latest entry into this field,, and have taken the time to compare it to the other Thai Dating Sites. Just throwing up a dating site on the web does not make for excellence in Thai Dating. It is easy to see that the folks at put a lot of thought and time into the structure of their site.

Ever since the site launched, there has been a steady increase in site traffic, and new members. It has also created quite a buzz on the Thai Dating Forums and Blogs. Industry insiders are concerned because of the large number of dating site members who have “jumped ship” to sign-up with This is a great example of taking an existing idea, and making it better. Some of the important factors are the many site features, and ease of navigation. Some Thailand Dating Sites are very difficult to get around, and require a visitor to fill out the answers to questions that are like applying for a mortgage. takes the position that online dating should be a safe, and pleasurable experience. Both men and women find the site a fun experience, even the guys looking for Thai Girls Wild, and the famous Pattaya Girls. Members of other Thai Dating Sites are leaving in droves to join ThaiLoveWeb. These people say they are sick and tired of paying high monthly charges only to find the same tiny group of members every time they log-in. Another common complaint is the number of other members online at any given time. This translates to doing a “Search”, and maybe only 6 people are online.

The idea is to have a massive amount of members in order to deliver the type of search results that members expect to see. It is very frustrating to see the same old profiles every time a “Search” is performed. Then you have the problem of Profiles being kept alive when the member has not even logged-in for many months, or even over one year. This is clearly an attempt to make the site look like they have a larger active membership than they really do. It is no secret why members are switching to

Another factor are the fees. Other sites have an “A La Carte” menu, and it really can add-up quickly. A Free Membership is not worth much more than a person had paid for it. They cannot contact anyone and carry on a conversation unless they pay extra, and often pay through the nose. Want to show a Video? ….Pay extra. Want to make a phone contact? ….Pay Extra. This is not the way the management at ThaiLoveWeb is approaching the business.

New visitors to this new site can send 5 Free email messages before a membership is required. To

send a “Wink” to other members is Free, not an extra charge. Instant messaging is available. A great feature is the Live Video Broadcasting right from the Profile Web Page, this way nobody has to leave the page to see a video of a prospective date. Live Video Chat is also part of this online experience. Cutting-edge site security is employed to control spam and track scammers. There is a zero tolerance for those kinds of people. The cost for a three-month Silver Membership is only $ 39.00, or the Gold Membership is only $ 69.00 for a whole year. Silver and Gold Members are able to access all parts of the website including unlimited messaging and instant message chat. reports that it is their intention to dominate the Thai Dating Sites Market, and they are well on their way to doing just that. Most people do not know that online dating is huge,

with over 40 million people in the U.S. alone that have tried it. This is an industry that is generating over $ 1 Billion dollars annually, which is why it is an attractive industry for entrepreneurs. Customer Testimonials have been coming into the site in reams, which adds a lot of credibility to how people love this site.

Take a look at what Steve Stanley, from Phuket, Thailand had to say about this new site: “When I first moved to Thailand, it was tough to meet Thai girls cause I am not much of a drinker, and do not like to hang out in bars. I joined at least 4 Thai Dating Sites in an attempt to meet some hot Thai girls. I was so disappointed by what I saw, and all the money I dumped. When I came across ThaiLoveWeb, I almost passed on it, but thank-goodness I gave it a try. I met a super-hot young Thai Girl, and we have been together ever since. We are never apart. All I can say is — Thank-You”

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DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit Filed By Wright & Schulte LLC Alleges Metallosis, Kidney Failure and Multiple Hip Revision Surgeries

DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit Filed By Wright & Schulte LLC Alleges Metallosis, Kidney Failure and Multiple Hip Revision Surgeries

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) May 11, 2014

A DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit has been filed by Wright & Schulte LLC against DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, on behalf of an Ohio man who alleges that he suffered serious health complications including metallosis, kidney failure from infection, and numerous revision surgeries after receiving a metal-on-metal DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement in March 2010. (3:14-cv-406) The DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas as part of multidistrict litigation pending in the same federal court regarding the DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement System. According court documents there are 5,704 DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement lawsuits pending in the Texas federal court, as of April 15, 2014. (In Re: DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., Pinnacle Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation– MDL No. 2244)

The firm continues to speak with individuals who have had complications due to the DePuy Hip Replacement system and encourages people who believe they have sustained DePuy Pinnacle complications to speak with our knowledgeable attorneys for a free legal evaluation by calling 1-800-395-0795 or by visiting

According to the DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit the man experienced pain and tenderness in his right hip and groin. Which resulted in blood tests that showed high levels of cobalt and chromium (or metallosis) in his blood allegedly due to the defective metal-on-metal Pinnacle Hip replacement device. The DePuy hip replacement complaint further states the man underwent multiple revision surgeries beginning in March 2012 to replace the hip device in his right leg. The DePuy Pinnacle lawsuit also contends that revision surgeries are painful, risky and complex than the original hip replacement surgery, often because there is a reduced amount of bone in which to place the new hip implants.

The DePuy hip complaint further stated that an infection developed in the man’s right hip in July 2012 and due to this infection, his hip prosthesis was removed and an antibiotic spacer placed in his right hip, resulting in him having to live without a hip for months while his infection was treated. The complaint also purports that he suffered other complications due to his defective Pinnacle hip implant, including a heart attack and kidney failure.

According to the Pinnacle complaint, the kidney failure was caused by the antibiotics the man was given to treat his infection. As a result of his kidney failure, the man stated that he was placed on dialysis and hospitalized from September 2012 until November 2012. The DePuy hip replacement lawsuit further contends that the defendants failed to sufficiently test the Pinnacle Hip System and did not adequately warn health care providers and consumers about the significant risks of serious bodily harm and death the device poses. (3:14-cv-406)

In January 2013, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration issued a proposed order requiring manufacturers of all-metal hip replacement systems to submit clinical studies proving that the hip replacement devices are safe and effective if the companies wanted to continue marketing and selling the device in the United States. According to the FDA, metal-on-metal hip replacement systems were marketed before 1976, the year when federal law allowed the FDA to have premarket authority over medical devices. Because companies did not have to submit clinical studies before selling their medical devices prior to the 1976 legislation, the devices were designated as “higher risk” devices but regulated according to similar medical devices already sold in the United States.


class-iii-preamendments-devices, January 18, 2013]


/ucm241769.htm, January 17, 2013]

The New York Times reported that DePuy Orthopaedics recalled a metal-on-metal hip replacement model called the Articular Surface Replacement in 2010, due to complaints that the device failed only a few years after implant. The company continued to sell the all-metal Pinnacle hip replacement. However, DePuy announced in May 2013 it was phasing out the Pinnacle system because of lack of demand for all-metal devices and the FDA’s requirement to submit clinical studies on all-metal hip replacement systems.

[ May 16, 2013]

About Wright & Schulte LLLC

Wright & Schulte LLC, an experienced personal injury firm, is dedicated to the belief that America’s legal system should work for the people. Every day, the attorneys of Wright & Schulte LLC stand up for the rights of people who have been injured or wronged and fight tirelessly to ensure that even the world’s most powerful corporations take responsibility for their actions. If you’re looking for a law firm that will guarantee the aggressive and personal representation you deserve, please do not hesitate to contact Wright & Schulte LLC today. Free case evaluations are available through or by calling 1-800-399-0795.

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Management Mentors Celebrates 25 Years in 2014 While Mentoring Celebrates Nearly 3000

Management Mentors

Chestnut Hill, MA (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

Back in 1989 when Rene Petrin founded Management Mentors, Inc., the first George Bush was president. A gallon of gas cost roughly 97 cents. The founder of Facebook was getting ready to enter kindergarten. And Taylor Swift was getting ready to enter the world. While much has changed on the planet since Petrin hung his virtual shingle, one thing that has remained true is this: people still need—and want—mentoring.

Petrin says, “Mentoring is as old as civilization itself. The word ‘mentor’ is derived from Greek mythology. In Homer’s The Odyssey, which was believed to be written in the 8th century B.C.E., Mentor and Odysseus are friends, and Mentor guides Odysseus’s son while Odysseus is away during the Trojan War. This need for guidance—for mentorship—is something that has followed human beings throughout the ages. Yes, the process of mentoring has evolved. But the need and desire for mentoring has endured.”

You could say that mentoring is Petrin’s passion. After spending years in human resources and discovering that most companies weren’t doing an adequate job developing their number one asset—employees—Petrin decided to go out on his own. His mission was straightforward: to create an organization devoted solely to teaching businesses how to mentor the talent they already had within their own walls. Twenty-five years later, the business landscape has certainly transformed, but Petrin says that mentoring is still one of the most effective ways to nurture and grow talent.

That’s not to say that the mentoring process hasn’t changed. Petrin explains, “Back in 1989, I’d work one-on-one with companies and teach them how to manually create a mentoring program. We were living in a 9-5, non-digital world. Today, all of that legwork is now web-based, including the all-important matching process. Our system, MentoringComplete, allows people to access their mentoring program online. It doesn’t matter where they are or what time it is. Even our resources—like our white paper on how to create a pilot mentoring program—are available online. Technology has absolutely revolutionized the mentoring process.”

MentoringComplete isn’t the only technological advancement Management Mentors has made in the last quarter century. The company also offers online mentoring training and certification courses with a new course slated for late 2014. Within the last several years, the company has released 11 ebooks for Kindle, Nook, and iPad on a wide variety of mentoring topics, including how to find a mentor and mentor/mentee readiness instruments.

But it’s not just technology that has affected mentoring. “We’re experiencing a generational shift right now,” Petrin says. “Millennials are entering the workforce in droves. And just like we did for the generations that came before them, we need to adjust and recalibrate certain work processes to accommodate this new and eager generation of workers. I think this is a good thing. Many people grouse about change, and I’ve heard my fair share of complaints about Millennials, but the thing is we all need to evolve and adjust, and mentoring can go a long way at making sure this adjustment goes smoothly for everyone. In fact, we just released a white paper on how to mentor Millennials, because it’s that important. It’s an exciting time be a mentor and mentee, and all of us at Management Mentors can’t wait to see what happens in the next 25 years.”

About Management Mentors:

Since 1989, Management Mentors has been designing and implementing world-class business mentoring programs and helping companies attract and retain high potential employees. Based outside of Boston, Mass., Management Mentors’ corporate mentoring programs develop future leaders and create a more diverse workforce by removing the barriers to equal opportunity. Management Mentors has achieved a 90% success rate with pairs it matches using a thoughtful, proven process. Current and past clients include Enterprise Rent-A-Car, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, The New York Times Corporation, The City of Tallahassee, Cooper Tire, FedEx Kinkos, Quaker Oats, Schering Plough, TJX Corporation, and Sony Music Corporation. For more information on how your firm can enjoy greater success through mentoring, contact us at 617.789.4622 or visit us at


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Train Chartering (Luxury Train Club, Train Hire, World Train Travel) has joined ABTA

Private Charter Trains

Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK (PRWEB UK) 8 May 2014

The Train Chartering Company Ltd has joined ABTA with the following numbers:

P6704 for retail business such as through The Luxury Train Club or World Train Club;

Y6165 for Train Chartering’s principal business i.e. through Train Chartering or Train Hire.

The Train Chartering Company Ltd trades as Train Chartering, Train Hire, The Luxury Train Club and World Train Travel.

Train Chartering / Luxury Train Club ABTA membership provides the following benefits to UK-resident customers:

Monies are protected by the ABTA scheme of financial protection. This means that in the unlikely event of Train Chartering failing and the booked holiday can no longer go ahead, customers will be entitled to a refund if they are yet to travel or to hotel costs and transport home if you are abroad.

In addition, Train Chartering as an ABTA Member is also bound to comply with the ABTA Code of Conduct, which ensures high service standards and fair terms of trading. Booking with an ABTA Member also gives UK-resident customers recourse should they have a problem or complaint with Train Chartering.

Simon Pielow of Train Chartering says: “ABTA is seeing growing interest in train holidays, with 7% of UK consumers considering a train holiday; Train Chartering is ideally placed to benefit, with The Luxury Train Club and the developing World Train Travel.”

Source for evidence of growing interest in rail breaks: ABTA Travel Trends Report 2014.

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Scambook Alerts That Government Shutdown Closes FTC Website, Do Not Call List

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 02, 2013

For the first time in seventeen years, the Federal government has shut down, subsequently ending all access to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) main site and the Do Not Call List. Scambook, the Internet’s leading consumer advocacy platform, is alerting consumers about this so they can prepare themselves. Until further notice, consumers will be unable to use the FTC to file complaints, gain helpful information about businesses, or avoid unsolicited telemarketing calls by registering a phone number on the Do Not Call List.

“As the Federal government shuts down, the last thing the public needs is a lack of support at the consumer level. The FTC and the Do Not Call List are both valuable public resources and we are sorry to see them shut down,” says Scambook’s Director of Marketing Kase Chong. “We hope the public is aware of other consumer sites still functioning to offer educational resources and complaint resolution.”

On Tuesday, the FTC website was replaced with the following message:

“Unfortunately, the FTC is closed due to the government shutdown.

    The FTC Premerger Notification Office will be open to accept HSR filings.
    Consumers may file FOlA requests, but they will not be processed.
    Consumers cannot file complaints or register for Do Not Call.
    All public workshops, roundtables, hearings and conferences are postponed until further notice.
    We hope to be open soon.” *
The FTC’s Twitter account, which has also been an excellent resource for consumer information, was also offline due to the shutdown.

Online consumer sites such as Scambook are still receiving consumer complaints as well as dispersing scam information gathered from their public complaint database. Scambook Insights, as well as the Scambook blog, have been providing the public with the most recent consumer threats, scam alerts, and other information to stay safe and protected.

Scambook also offers a list of contact information for each State’s Attorney General and encourages consumers to use these alternative resources while the FTC is unavailable.

About Scambook

Scambook is an online complaint resolution platform dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of fraud with unprecedented speed and accuracy. By building communities and providing resources on the latest scams, Scambook arms consumers with the up-to-date information they need to stay on top of emerging schemes. Since its inception, Scambook has resolved over $ 10 million in reported consumer damages. For more information, visit

*“Unfortunately, the FTC is closed due to the government shutdown.” 10/01/2013

**“FTC (FTC) on Twitter.” 10/01/2013

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Lawsuit Filed by Spangengerg Shibley & Liber LLP Alleges That Target up & up® Brand Flushable Wipes Are Not Toilet or Plumbing Safe

Target Flushable Wipes Class Action Lawsuit

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) May 08, 2014

A class action lawsuit filed against Target claims that the retailer’s up & up® flushable wipes are allegedly improperly marketed as being “flushable” and “septic safe” when they are not. According to the complaint in the case, this misrepresentation has allegedly caused significant financial harm to homeowners and sewer systems alike.

The lawsuit (Filed in The United States District Court in Youngstown, Ohio, Case: 4:14-CV-00832) specifically contends that the representations on the packaging of up & up® wipes and on Target’s website that the wipes are “flushable,” “break apart after flushing,” and are “sewer and septic safe” are false and misleading. According to the lawsuit, both testing and real-world experience – including that of the plaintiff – have proven that the wipes do not disperse after flushing and instead allegedly clog and damage sewer lines and septic systems.

The lawsuit follows on the tail of recent news reports citing significant problems encountered by municipal sewer systems associated with “flushable” wipes. A Cincinnati Business Courier article (embed: from September 17 of last year reported that Cincinnati “spends about $ 100,000 each year to clean wastewater treatment pumps and free them of non-soluables such as baby and wet wipes.” Similarly, a New York Post article (embed: from March 2 of this year reported that “[New York] city spends $ 18 million a year to collect and discard debris caught in machinery at its 14 wastewater-treatment plants — and nearly all of it in recent years is flushable wipes,” according to Deputy Commissioner Vincent Sapienza. “The increase in clogs and problems we’ve been having in New York City — it seems to almost correlate directly with the increase in sales of these flushable wipes.”

According court documents and Spangenberg Law Firm attorney Daniel Frech, who also represents the plaintiff, “Consumers have been led to believe that the wipes are as safe to flush as toilet paper and that they begin to disperse seconds after flushing – however, it appears that just isn’t true.” Frech continues “and the same problems cities are reporting on a large scale are affecting consumers’ plumbing at home as well.”

The lead plaintiff purchased up & up® brand flushable wipes from a Target store in Boardman, Ohio. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff used the wipes primarily for potty training his daughter and disposed of the wipes by flushing them down his toilet as directed. The Plaintiff says he started noticing problems with the plumbing in his house in the summer of 2013. The lawsuit alleges that when the Plaintiff hired a plumber to diagnose the problem, it was discovered that the up & up® flushable wipes had caked together in the plumbing and septic system, causing a blockage. The lawsuit claims that the plumber charged the plaintiff approximately $ 210 to flush the pipes and septic system and informed the plaintiff that it may be necessary to replace the system at a cost up to $ 20,000.

The civil action, captioned Meta v. Target Corporation, was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Youngstown Division, on behalf of all consumers in Ohio who purchased Target-brand up & up® flushable wipes.

The plaintiff is represented by the law firms of Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP and Tycko & Zavareei LLP and consumers with similar issues or with information about brands of wipes that claim to be flushable but are not are encouraged to contact attorney Daniel Frech at Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP.

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How Military Members Can Avoid Illegal, Unfair Debt Collection Efforts

Falmouth, ME (PRWEB) May 02, 2014

Members of the military face a host of enemies abroad: everything from terrorists and suicide bombers to inhospitable land and severe weather conditions.

Unfortunately, back at home, many U.S. servicemembers and their families must square off against a different kind of enemy: financial services firms and bill collectors that use aggressive, often illegal practices when trying to collect debts.

“The list of financial abuses that military families face is downright appalling,” says Judy Sorensen, president of the Association of Credit Counseling Professionals, ACCPros. “On a daily basis, many deal with harassing phone calls from debt collectors, predatory lending traps and wrongful foreclosures on their homes, not to mention widespread problems with student loans. This is the last thing our service men and women need after they’ve been out fighting for our safety and freedoms.”

To help combat these problems, Sorensen and the experts at ACCPros offer four tips to military members facing financial difficulties, especially with student loans.

Tip#1: Know your legal rights

“Part of the problem is that many U.S. servicemembers simply don’t know that they have various military protections to help them in areas such as their mortgages and student loans,” says Sorensen.

For example, under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003, military members and their families are supposed to be protected from housing evictions. The Act also includes a stay of all court proceedings a bill collector might attempt, and a cap on loan interest rates, including a 6% ceiling on student loans.

Separately, the Military Lending Act caps payday loans and title loans at 36%.

Sorensen notes, however, that some payday lenders use loopholes to get around payday loan caps. She recently wrote about this abuse in an article on

Tip #2: Report abuses to the authorities

It’s not in your best interest to be silent about financial misconduct by any company with which you might do business. So Sorensen urges military members to report wrongful doing to the authorities, like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In April, the CFPB issued a report highlighting everything from dubious default judgments to wrongful debt collection activity against military members. The report concluded that more needs to be done to ensure that members of the U.S. armed forces receive the full protection of the law concerning their financial affairs.

That’s one reason the CFPB does track complaints. In fact, the agency says it received 14,100 complaints filed by military consumers between July 2011 and February 2014. Also, the number of complaints the CFPB received rose by 148% from 2012 to 2013. And the agency does act on these concerns.

For instance, the CFPB and other federal agencies are now investigating Sallie Mae over its handling of students loans held by military members. The CFPB says it is examining “unfair or deceptive” practices that violate the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, and allegations of discriminatory lending and payment-processing issues.

“Statistics show that four out of 10 U.S. service men and women are now repaying student loans, and the average amount borrowed is about $ 26,000, so this is a major issue that must be addressed,” Sorensen says.

Tip #3: Utilize the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, individuals employed by the military for a decade, or those who’ve been in specific public service jobs for the last 10 years, can have their federal student loans completely discharged.

Some of the public service jobs that qualify for this student loan relief are: police officers and firefighters, emergency management workers, and specialists in public health, including nurses and healthcare practitioners.

Tip #4: Understand how to get a student loan discharge

Those who received National Direct Student Loans and Perkins Loans can get partial cancellation or a discharge of their loan based on their military service in they served for a full year in a hostile fire or imminent danger pay area.

So if you qualify for loan cancellation, Sorensen suggests supplying a copy of your DD214 (discharge form) and a letter requesting a discharge to your loan servicer.

About ACCPros

The Association of Credit Counseling Professionals, ACCPros, is the credit counseling industry’s newest and fastest growing trade association. ACCPros hopes to distinguish itself from other associations by placing an emphasis on ethics and compliance and focusing on best practices, quality service, education, training, and professional ethics. ACCPros member agencies can be a great resource for consumers seeking help managing their debt. Call the toll-free ACCPros Locator Line at 800-635-0553 to speak with a certified credit counselor at an agency licensed/registered in your state.

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13 Oct 2014

What is Rippln and How can I Start My Ripple?

Author: admin | Filed under: Business Scams

What is Rippln and How can I Start My Ripple?

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 07, 2013

Rippln has introduced the worlds first Incentivized Sharing App. It is called Photo Guessaroo and it is the first App that the general public will be able to profit from. This article is all about what you need to do to be one of the lucky people who profits from Incentivized Sharing which will in my opinion become the new norm in the coming years.

Imagine that when you joined Facebook someone kept track of every person you invited to join and all of the actions that each of them performed. For example how many of the people you invited to Facebook played Farmville, or Texas Hold’em and just how much revenue has been generated from their use. Well this is exactly what the people at Rippln have decided to do. If you like this idea please visit , is an independent affiliate of Rippln.

Rippln has introduced Incentivized Sharing. Put simply this means that people get paid to like and share cool new apps and products. Rippln is a customer acquisition model that rewards ‘players’ for inviting new people to join their ‘Ripple’ When you receive an invitation and you accept it, you enter that persons ‘Ripple’ as a ‘Fan’ which allows you to invite 5 people per 24 hours into your ‘Ripple’. You also have the option to ‘Power Up’ from a ‘Fan’ to a ‘Player’ for an approx. $ 90 activation and $ 25/month fee. This unlocks features that allow you to invite a lot more people and gives you the marketing tools to do so.

I feel like this is the next logical step in the evolution of the Internet, the people who ultimately put the value into Facebook and Twitter, etc. are the people who use it everyday. If it wasn’t for people liking and sharing apps and products, updating their statuses and tweeting there wouldn’t be billion dollar payouts for these huge companies. Finally the little guy can get rewarded for his/her part in the making of these online giants.

Rippln plans on launching 6 to 12 new apps starting with Photo Guessaroo as well as promoting cool new products like Smart Watches etc. Anyone who has joined Rippln has the chance to earn money just for sharing and liking these apps and products based on the amount of revenue generated by his or her ‘Ripple’ either through In App purchases or sales of the promoted products. I personally feel as though the idea is genius and while large companies are calling Rippln a scam I think they are simply worried about their bottom line!

If you would like to Join Rippln you can do so at Simply click on the red Start My Ripple button and this will take you to the page where you can start your own Ripple by filling out your personal information and creating your own password. Once you submit this form you will be taken to your Rippln Dashboard, which is where you can learn all about the company, watch videos on how to get started, and how and why Rippln was created. The Dashboard is also where you will find the Invite section, which is where you can invite 5 friends to join your ‘Ripple’ and you will also find Marketing tools and also a Commerce section and of course you will be able to see Your Ripples and how many people are in them. Just don’t forget if you want the chance to make money from Rippln you will need to upgrade from a Fan to a Player.

Like I said before I feel that Rippln has introduced a new way to do business online that will benefit ordinary people like you and I. Hopefully with this opportunity and some hard work there will be a transfer of wealth from the Big Companies back into the pockets of The People.


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11 Oct 2014

Kitsap County Sheriff Complaint

Author: admin | Filed under: Business Complaint Reports

Woman reports that the local sheriffs have refused to assist her with a stalking complaint against her daughter. Unprofessional conduct complaint/ Failure to…

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Cash Funds Fast Announces Speedy Access to New 12-Month Business Bank Loan Products

Nationwide (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Small business owners and financing are the subject of much debate. Lending for small companies has been down in the past several years. The result is the creation of the alternative business loan. Many companies find 12-month business bank loan, debt instruments, to be difficult to obtain, and credit unions are fighting to fill the gap.

“New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is grabbing headlines in her state this week for pushing her colleagues to vote on the Small Business Lending Enhancement Act. The legislation, introduced by Colorado Senator Mark Udall in 2011, would address ongoing complaints about limited access to business loans by raising a cap on commercial loans that credit unions are permitted to make, based on a percentage of their assets,” reports Yahoo, dated April 13, 2013.

However, companies need small business loans fast, and the commercial banks are attempting to squash the credit union market grab. Arguing small business owners will be able to avoid many federal and state taxes; large corporate banks have made their position against such alternatives known. “Big banks oppose the bill, however, for reasons cited in a report released in November by the Capital Policy Analytics Group. The report asserts that ‘claims made by credit union advocates regarding job creation, and economic growth as a result of an increase in the business loan cap is highly questionable,” according to a news report by Yahoo Small, dated December 7, 2012.

Small business owners can still get a 12-month business bank loan through alternative lenders like Cash Funds Fast. Companies with an excess of $ 5,000 in monthly credit card receipts are eligible for many types of alternative business loan products. The approval rate is 98 percent, and perfect credit is not a qualifier.

Companies can receive a small business loans fast, with funds directly deposited into the applicant’s bank account in as little as seven to ten days. These alternative business loan products do not require any collateral and companies do not have to submit year’s worth of tax returns, certified financial documents, a credit history reports.

Conventional 12-month business bank loans require this documentation and more. Small business owners are typically required to sign a personal guarantee for a line of credit or a 12-month business bank loan.

The measure in Congress to help small business owners get easier access to capital is likely to fail, according to experts. At last count, the Prognosis for the bill’s passage is only 10 percent. The bill is still in committee, and has only a 2 percent chance of being enacted.

That means alternative business loan products will continue to fill the void left by the corporate lenders. Companies can still get small business loans fast through vendors like Cash Funds Fast.

Several alternative business loan products are available through this vendor, with competitive rates and no application fees. Companies can get a small business loans fast for as much as $ 500,000 without having to submit the lengthy documentation required by the big banks. Funds can be used for any purpose, and small businesses have many types of repayment options. What’s more, applications take only minutes to complete.

Common alternative lending services that Cash Funds now offers include:

        Business Cash Funds Fast
        Merchant Loans
        Unsecured Business Loans
        Merchant Cash Advances
        Small Business Loans
        Business Loans
        Unsecured Business Loans
        Business Loan Alternative
        Bad Credit Small Business Loan
        Franchise Business Loans
        Medical Business Loans
        Retail Business Loans
        Restaurant Loans
        Poor Credit Business Loans
        Business Working Capital

More services are available, in addition to the above list, through the website at:

Cash Funds Fast expanded nationwide services are now available in the following geographical areas:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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